Do you need a cost-effective website and are not sure where to begin? You’ve come to the right place. Many managers and business owners aren’t clear on all features or functionality a website should have.

Why Hire Us?

  • WEBSITES: We take all the complexity out of website building and create self-managed sites that include: Well-designed layout & functionality. | Never-get-lost navigation. | Websites that are easy to update and add content.
  • GRAPHIC DESIGN: We provide high-quality graphics optimized for web and/or commercial printing. | Ready for international markets. | Adhering to leading branding guidelines and standards.

An Effective Website Works for You

  • Design: Looks professional and can be viewed properly on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Message: Purpose is clear immediately.
  • Navigation: Intuitive – your visitor will never get lost.
  • Updates: Easy and painless.
  • Marketing: Increases exposure by taking advantage of the latest Internet technologies and trends.
  • Images: Optimized for the web – fast loading with a high-quality look.

Why Some Websites Don’t Perform

  • Site design lacks coordination.
  • Navigation is poorly thought out and disorganized. Visitors cannot easily find information, they get lost, and leave.
  • The site does not present a cohesive message.
  • The message is not well-defined.
  • The offer is not immediately clear to the visitor.
  • There’s no clear path for the call-to-action.
  • The website fails to offer something of value.
  • Images aren’t optimized for the web.
  • The site design contains bells and whistles that add no value.

You Need an Effective Web Presence

  • A simple, sleek website will outperform a showy or gaudy one.
  • If you’re operating on a tight budget, our cost-effective approach is especially important.
  • Together with you, we identify goals for the site.
  • We ensure that your investment works for you.

Cost-effective, user-friendly, and functional: Your business or organization are well served by a Content Management System (CMS) website like WordPress. Such a site is cost-effective and combines simplicity with the need for user-friendly, flexible functionality.

Scalable: A CMS website lets you start small and expand as you grow, allowing extra functionality when you need it (e.g. blog, membership options, etc.).

Adding & Updating Content

  • With no need for honed technical skills or special software, anyone familiar with a word processor can use this system.
  • You don’t need to know HTML.
  • You can add an unlimited number of pages and content, using a user-friendly text editor, much like a word processor.

Basics of What a Website Should Contain

  • Homepage:
    • Introduces your company and services
    • Introduces the main website categories of products/services
    • Contains links to content of interest
  • Standard web pages:
    • About us
    • Products/services
    • Contact
    • Site policy/privacy, etc.
  • Frequently added/updated content:
    • News/events
    • Blog/articles/reports

A Modular Approach to Web Development

A small and medium company, a start-up, or an organization, often find it difficult to envision exactly what type of website will best serve their goals.

We offer a medium, robust option that can grow as your company grows:

  • It’s easy to update without knowing how to code.
  • You can add content anytime.
  • You have full control and low risk: Once the website is complete, you’ll receive a backup to keep.

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