Ideally, we deliver a design project together, so that we can all be happy and satisfied with the outcome.

What Do You Need?

  • website
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Website management
  • Information about hosting or domains

How Long Will this Take?

Several factors decide the length of time required to complete your project :

  • Complexity
  • If you can provide feedback and information in a timely manner
  • How quickly you approve each stage of development
  • You pay for each stage according to agreement

What is Your Role?

The process enables us to work together smoothly and efficiently, in a timely manner. You can support the process successfully by:

  • Approving each stage and giving feedback, and responding to our communications (e.g. email)
  • Considering our suggestions that are intended for your benefit
  • Provide as requested:
    • Logo and other branding materials (in vector format – to save the cost of our having to recreate such items).
    • Corporate identity information (colors, fonts, branding guidelines document if available, etc.). We may request the actual font (for PC) if it is not widely available.
    • Images (images needed for company branding, product images, customer profile images, staff portraits).
    • Texts (e.g. page copy, product descriptions, captions, etc. – we do minor editing but need the core text from you).
    • Testimonials from customers.
    • Documents that need to be downloaded from your site (.pdf, .doc formats).
    • Videos that need to be embedded (e.g. YouTube URLs where we can find the embed code).
    • Login credentials (for your server if you have one, domain, other relevant accounts).
    • Feedback for various stages.
    • … and additional needs that arise during the process.

PLEASE NOTE: Collecting all the items and details required for the work process can be time-consuming. This information helps you plan ahead and make the experience quick and easy.

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