Your Website: What do Visitors Want?

Your Website: What do Visitors Want?

Plan Your Website Carefully

  • Visitors want to know that they have come to the right place. The keyword that brought them to your site should appear on the page.
  • They ask: Who are you? What do you offer? A visitor has to be convinced of your sincerity and the value proposition offered by your company via the website.
    • Value proposition: How does your website fill a need or solve a problem? This has to be clear to the visitor in less than 12 seconds.
    • The message, both visual and textual, needs to be obvious and understood. Visitors want clear, concise content that strikes them as sincere. If your message comes across as just another empty sales pitch, or, if your offer is poorly presented and confusing, visitors will quickly click away to the next website.
  • A clear path to action such as accessing or purchasing your product or service, and leaving lead information, etc.
  • Web-ready texts. People who surf the web scan pages quickly for main ideas, without reading every word. Hence, web copy needs to be concise and broken up, using headers, bullets, bolding, and captions. This enables a reader to get a good overview in seconds.


A visitor wants to trust and believe in you. They want to feel a connection with you.

The impact of a website’s “personality” on a visitor affects the level of trust they have towards a product or services, and the company behind it. Read: Impact of Website Personality on Consumers’ Initial Trust

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