Your Website: What do Search Engines Want?

Your Website: What do Search Engines Want?

The ultimate goal of search engines is to help people quickly find exactly what they want.

Search engine algorithms (especially Google’s) discover and discard poor-quality content from their search results. This includes duplicate content (texts copied from other sites) and keyword stuffing (which makes content meaningless to readers). Algorithms have become sophisticated over time and are now better able to discover problematic content.

  • Google especially, has refined its processes and frequently penalizes problem websites by throwing them out of the index altogether.
  • This means that a website earning thousands of dollars can suddenly disappear, reducing its sales to zero overnight.
  • Penalized domains are often discarded by their owners, due to the cost and effort involved in getting Google to set back the clock.

Search engine vigilance (Google mostly) is bad news for those who believe they can manipulate the search engines into showing bad content, but it has resulted in a better search experience for the general public.

So, what do search engines want to see?

  • Well-written copy that is concise, with no keyword stuffing or hidden text.
  • Correct spelling and grammar (such errors annoy the public as well as the search engines).
  • Texts that are on-topic, containing relevant, well-placed keywords and phrases.
  • Correctly designed hypertext links.
  • Correct use of <h1> and <h2> tags, and bolding.

We, who understand and abide by the basic premise and purpose of the search engines, optimize your website according to these rules and guidelines.

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